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the jewelry

sable + co. is a line of contemporary jewelry that lives and breathes simplistic confidence. Each piece we make has a bold and intentional design- embracing the collision of power, strength, and elegance.


the craft

We pride ourselves in creating contemporary jewelry designs that incorporate the two worlds of strength and elegance. Each collection utilizes the architecture of tubing that is cut into geometric shapes, and designed into wearable pieces.

All of our materials are specifically chosen for each line to create a cohesive + minimal aesthetic. Our Steel Collection is made by cutting stainless steel tubing into geometric shapes, and connecting them with sterling silver components. Our Stone Collection is made by forming stones with clay, setting them in sterling silver, and finishing them with a coat of glass-like resin. Each piece is fabricated by hand by a member of our team at our studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.


the maker

Sable + Co. was founded by Courtney Jones, a local Grand Rapids artist who started her career in jewelry career in 2014. In starting Sable, Courtney wanted to create a clean + simple brand that would help individuals find a unique sense of self, as well as a strong + refined life.

Courtney has always lived between the conflicting worlds of strength and elegance, which spurs from her experience while training as an elite athlete prior to her jewelry career. Courtney lived for power and strength, and strived for the hard lines of the body that came with that life. After an accident that turned her away from competition, she fueled her energy into jewelry. She now embodies the essence of power, strength, & elegance in her jewelry- still connecting to her past life through each piece she makes.

Courtney lives + works in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she works with her partner to handcraft each piece of jewelry in the collections. She loves all things classy and elegant, but still has a heart for the hard work that must be done.


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