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Cranberry + Spice Candle


Cranberry + Spice Candle


Sweet + Nostalgic | Celebrate the season with this cranberry + spice candle!! With sweet hints of cranberries, vanilla, + cinnamon, this 4oz candle is the perfect scent for the holidays. Hand-poured with natural ingredients in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • Essential Oils
  • 4oz Tin Container
  • About 10 hrs Burn Time

COMMON FACTS: Over time the oils will slowly separate and evaporate from the candle, especially if you burn over long periods of time. This is normal, but to prevent unnecessary separation replace lid when candle is not in use, and is completely cooled. There may be some natural change in color which is also normal- we purposely use all-natural ingredients so different colors may appear based on what essential oils used. Example: If a scent includes cinnamon, the wax may have a hint of red over time. Peppermint will change to a light blue, coffee to a light chestnut color.

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